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When your phone has two calls, the word "CONF" will appear on the bottom line of the display. Press the button that is under the word "CONF" when it is time to initiate a conference. Directed Call Pickup - This feature allows you to answer another person's telephone without leaving your desk, providing you know their telephone number. Note: Directed Call Pick-Up will not work if the ringing phone has a busy diversion you must hear a busy signal to retrieve the call.

External Call Forwarding - This feature allows you to temporarily forward all incoming calls to a local, off-campus number. Follow-Me - A Follow-Me allows you to select a temporary alternate phone on campus or Voice Mail to receive your forwarded calls. If a diversion is programmed on your phone, the follow-me will override the diversion and send your calls immediately to the alternate number. When the follow-me is removed, the diversion is automatically active again.

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Hold - This feature allows you to keep a call on the line to quickly retrieve information or to transfer the call. Individual Abbreviated Dial - This feature allows you to program up to ten frequently dialed telephone numbers in the number keys 0 thru 9 to act as a speed dial maximum 20 digits. Last Number Redial off-campus calls - This feature allows you to redial the last off-campus number dialed.

Pickup Group optional - A Pick-Up Group allows a pre-designated group of phones to answer each others calls. Placing and Receiving Calls - If the phone is idle, typically, outgoing calls should be placed on Access 1. Lifting the handset will automatically activate Access 1. To answer an in-coming call, lift the handset.

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Typically, calls ring on Access 1. Ring Options - You can program your Ericsson telephone to ring in several diffferent ways. For example, no ring, a normal ring, or delayed ring. Note that this feature is different than changing the pitch of the ring see Ring Pitch Adjustment. Press the access 1 button, or the line you were programming the light should be turned off.

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Ring Pitch Adjustment - You can change the pitch sound of your Ericsson telephone ring tone. For example, a higher pitch or lower pitch. Note that this feature is different than changing the type of ring see Ring Options. Speed Dial programmable buttons - This feature allows one-touch access to a programmed telephone number, on or off-campus. The telephone number being programmed may be a maximum of 20 digits.

Transfer - Transfer is a standard feature on all the Ericsson telephone which allows a call to be moved from one phone to another. Search the Support Center. Browse by Topic. Telephone Features Accept 2nd Call optional - This feature allows you to receive a 2nd call while on the telephone with another call.

To Activate and Deactivate: Press Accept 2nd Call once to turn it on you may leave it on and again to turn it off. If you have a problem receiving a 2nd call, check to see if Accept 2nd Call has accidentally been turned off. Call NetCom Customer Service if the problem isn't cleared dial from on-campus. Diversions: If a busy and no answer diversion is programmed on your telephone it will apply to both Access 1 and Access 2: If you're unable to answer the 2nd call, it will ring quietly 2 times, continue to flash 2 times and then divert.

A third call will busy divert. Answering Calls: When Access 1 rings, lift handset to answer. When a call rings on Access 2, press Access 2 this places the first call on hold. To return to the first call, press Access 1 this places Access 2 on hold.

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Placing Calls: Outgoing calls should be placed on Access 1. NOTE: The special ring is 8 fast rings. Callback is automatically canceled after 20 minutes. The caller only dials a single number , instead of several different numbers, to contact you. Because the Follow Me system knows which numbers to call, in what order, without dropping the caller as it moves from number to number.

The call is not completed until all the lines are attempted or you pick up. If you need to update which phone lines Follow Me should route to, you can add, remove or rearrange the order of the numbers by simply calling AnswerNet. This feature can easily be added to any existing voicemail or live agent account.

Return to AnswerNet. Customized solutions are available for any business. Virtually any business process that can be performed via phone or web can be outsourced to AnswerNet. S cell phone to on the day of your trip. Step 5: Enter your international phone number. This is the phone number where you will be receiving your U. S calls while you are away. How much is this service? For example, if your international phone number is London , you pay 1.

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