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Some inmates may receive letters or even packages, but be aware that these are usually opened and read or searched. Including anything that is not allowed may mean that the entire letter or package will wind up in the trash. Be sure you are following directions carefully when addressing any type of mail. Facilities often use a post office box, rather than a physical address, for inmate mail.

In regard to phone calls, usually prisoners are not allowed to receive a call. Some, but not all, facilities will allow prisoners to make limited collect calls, where the charges must be accepted by the person receiving the call. Requirements for scheduling a visit also differ widely. In some facilities, an inmate can only have visitors if he or she has included them on a visitor list and they have been approved.

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You may not know if you have been approved until the inmate informs you. In other facilities, you may be able to send an application by mail or online to request approval for a visit. In some small county facilities, you may simply need to call and ask permission. Most larger facilities schedule visits according to the pod or section in which the inmate is held. Most jails require that visits be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance.

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