How do you find out your computers ip address

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  • How to find IP address of your computer (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10,Mac)? | TP-Link.

Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses allow networked computers, servers and other hardware to find each other and communicate. In your business network, your network router's IP address is called the "default gateway," because it acts as a central hub through which all other hardware connects and assigns IP addresses for connected hardware.

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Using Command Prompt commands, you can locate the router's default gateway and the IP address assigned to your computer. If you are not using a router, the resulting IP address will be the IP assigned by your Internet service provider. The Command Prompt tool also offers other means of finding IP addresses, including looking up the server IP address that hosts your business website or listing the IP addresses of every server between your current location and a website.

Click "Start," type "cmd" and press "Enter" to open the Command Prompt window. Type "ipconfig" and press "Enter.

Checking your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) Address

If you use a virtual private network for your business, its connection will have its own section and list your proxy IP address under "IPv4 Address. Use the command "Nslookup" followed by your business domain to look up its server's IP address. Broadband service providers will assign your computer or home network a static IP address. If you're connected to a broadband network and need to change your IP address, follow the steps below.

How to find your public IP address

Getting a new IP address may be as simple as disconnecting the power to your broadband modem. Disconnect the power from the modem and leave it disconnected for a few minutes. If you have a network router connected to the modem, we also suggest disconnecting the power to the router.

How to Find an IP Address

If disconnecting the power to the modem and router did not work, it may still be saved in your router configuration. Try releasing and renewing the IP address for the router.

How to Use CMD to Find an IP |

Steps on how to do this can vary depending on the router. However, is often done through the Status or setup in the router setup.

How about a proxy?

If the above two suggestions do not work, disconnect the power to the modem and router if applicable and leave them disconnected overnight or for as long as possible. If none of the above suggestions help you change your IP address, it's possible your ISP prevents a new IP address from being assigned unless it is abandoned for days. To change or specify the IP address of your computer as it appears on your LAN local area network , follow the steps below.

How to change your IP address

Keep in mind, if you're connecting to the Internet with a broadband connection, adjusting your network settings may cause issues with your broadband connection. Finally, if your home network is setup through a network router, that router could be assigning your computer dynamic IP addresses, and specifying a static IP address may cause issues.

You can change a computer's IP address through the command prompt by following the steps below. In the above command structure, replace [connection name] with the name of the network connection for which you want to set the new IP address. Replace [IP address] with the new IP address you want to use, then replace [Subnet Mask] with the correct subnet mask address and [Default Gateway] with the correct default gateway address. The above example command would change the IP address of the Local Area Connection network connection to It would also set the Subnet Mask to The below information is for how to specify and adjust your network settings through the command prompt.

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