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Does everyone get a background check? Is everyone fingerprinted? Does my employment with this company depend solely on the results of my background check? These are legitimate questions, and as long as the company is consistent in their policy there should be no problems.

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Once it has been established that your future employer is going to conduct a background check on you, the question becomes, How are they conducting this check? What, exactly, are they looking for? The answer to these questions usually depends on how deep the company wishes to go.

This more extensive search entails locating the states and counties in which the person has lived and having someone actually go to the courthouses and search individual records of people with the same name. Obviously, these can be expensive. But in many instances, they are well worth it.

Second, ask each information provider how fully they can guarantee their results. In other words, there may be other information out there not discovered in the employment background check. It may be old court records, old bankruptcies, judgments, liens, and so on. It is then that you have to make the crucial decision: How far do you want to go to investigate the person?

Again the call is yours. Companies these days are relying on background checks. Second, it pays to do your homework up front so you can find the best possible fit for your company. Pay the cost up front -save later.

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Is it legal to conduct a background check? The short answer is yes. Anyone can go on there and request a background on just about anyone. The thing is, most of these sites do not rely on a valid social security number, and cannot pull anything that is financially related. What if I refuse to authorize a check on me? On the other hand, if someone ran a check on you without your permission you may have legal recourse.

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Of course, cleaning up any negative issues in your past will go a long way towards feeling more comfortable with the process. Employers are trying to verify, or at least get a good understanding of, the following: Are you honest?

Background Check and Skip Trace Skills overlap for Private Investigators.

Integrity counts. Is there anything in your background that indicates theft? Do you have any criminal convictions — and what are they? Are you competent?

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Can you actually do this job? Are you reckless? Safety matters. What are you saying on Social Media? Types of Employee Background Checks There are many companies online that offer background check services for your employees. How Background Checks are Conducted First, and foremost, employees and potential employees must know what the current company policy is.

Our skip tracers locate hard to find missing persons, deadbeats, bond jumpers and delinquent debtors. Malan Investigations uses the most comprehensive sources of data available to locate even the most elusive skips.

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We have access to virtually every means possible to locate anybody, anywhere in the United States. Simply put, it is not possible to find more current, more complete, or more accurate data than that which we provide, at any price; and, it is not possible to provide a faster turnaround. We provide precise, timely and cost-efficient reports on the whereabouts of the most difficult to find deadbeats, bond jumpers, debtors and other skips. Our Background Checks can help avoid workplace violence and allow you to demonstrate in a court of law that you have done your due diligence in the hiring process.

We have timely access to any of the 3, counties in the United States, and to State Repositories where available.