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If a spouse wants to get a divorce in North Carolina, you cannot stop them. Because North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, the reason for the divorce will have no bearing on whether or not a spouse can file for divorce.

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An Absolute Divorce can be granted in North Carolina after you have lived separate and apart from your spouse for one year and you meet residency requirements, or on the grounds that the spouse suffers from incurable insanity. At best, a spouse can contest a divorce complaint, but this will probably only delay the inevitable. A divorce degree is a legal document that establishes proof that an Absolute Divorce is final in North Carolina.

A Final Decree is signed by a judge and dated by a county clerk, formally ending a marriage.

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The decree is also a summary of the rights and responsibilities of each party, including financial responsibilities and a division of assets. It is a legally binding document, and if either party does not meet the requirements and obligations set forth in the decree, the other party can take legal action to correct any deficiencies. This will not contain the full terms of a divorce like a Final Decree will.

Instead, it will only verify the divorce has taken place, along with the date and a few other identifying pieces of information. Certificates are sometimes used to prove a divorce has taken place so that a person can change their name, or they can provide proof so that they can get married again. Processing typically takes about six weeks. An appointment is required, and you will need to provide an acceptable form of ID. Hours to walk-in are Monday through Friday, 8 am to 3 pm. Jason Crowley is a divorce financial strategist, personal finance expert, and entrepreneur.

A leading authority in divorce finance, Jason has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and other media outlets. You can email him at jason survivedivorce. Please leave this field empty. State Overview State Resources. A Guide to Divorce in North Carolina Every divorce in North Carolina is unique to some degree or another, but most all must follow the same rules and procedures no matter what the circumstances are.

Here are some important things to know as you start working through the divorce process. What kind of divorce is right for you What is the process of filing for divorce in North Carolina? Filing for divorce in North Carolina without using a lawyer How much will it cost? How long does it take? Should I retain the services of a certified divorce financial analyst? Bifurcation of marital status in North Carolina Can I cancel, refuse, contest, stop or reverse a divorce in North Carolina? What is a divorce decree? What is proof of divorce? They include Abandonment or Turning Out.

The differences between Absolute Divorce, Annulment and a Divorce of Bed and Board

Cruel or Barbarous Treatment. This requires that one spouse puts the life of the other spouse in danger and usually involves physical violence. This can include verbal abuse, humiliation, false accusations of adultery and other similar behaviors. Drug Abuse.

Forms for North Carolina State Courts

This fault can be cited when drug or alcohol abuse is so excessive that it makes living conditions intolerable for the other spouse. The other spouse must be able to provide sufficient proof that adultery has taken place for a Divorce of Bed and Board to be granted in this instance. The grounds for getting an annulment in North Carolina include: A marriage between close family members A marriage when one party is under age 16 with exceptions A marriage where one party is already married bigamy A marriage where one party is physically impotent A marriage where one party is incompetent A marriage where the wife lied about being pregnant Absolute Divorce.

What are the grounds for Absolute Divorce in North Carolina? There are only two grounds for Absolute Divorce in North Carolina. Understanding what your divorce options are Understanding the different divorce process options is a critical first step in moving forward. So, what are your divorce options? What is the process of filing for divorce in North Carolina?

While every divorce is different, at a minimum, you will need to prepare the following documents: Complaint — there are two versions of this form and which one you use will depend on if you have minor children or not. Completing proof of service in North Carolina Pursuant to North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure, the preferred way to complete proof of service is to have a sheriff serve the complaint and summons to a spouse.

After a spouse has been served, the sheriff will return a signed copy of the summons that lists the time, place and manner or service which will act as proof that service has been completed If the sheriff is not able to complete service, then a spouse may attempt service by registered mail or certified mail. Can you file for divorce online in North Carolina?

What is Complaint for Divorce for?

Filing for divorce in North Carolina without using a lawyer It is possible to file for Absolute Divorce in North Carolina without using a lawyer if you meet residency requirements of having lived in the state for at least six months, you have been physically separated for at least one year, you do not want spousal support and you do not want a court-ordered division of assets.

How much will it cost?

How to File For Divorce in North Carolina

How long does it take to get a divorce in North Carolina? Working with a certified divorce financial analyst? Bifurcation of marital status in North Carolina Bifurcation means that both parties in a divorce can legally divide their divorce into two stages. Can I cancel, refuse, contest, stop or reverse a divorce in North Carolina?

Filing for divorce before you settle those issues could mean that you lose the right to pursue those claims at a later date. A divorce hearing does not settle issues of child custody or child support either. If these issues have not been resolved, you should consider retaining an attorney to help you through the divorce process. Verify the divorce complaint by signing it in front of a notary public. Remember, you or your spouse must have been a resident of NC for at least 6 months prior to filing for divorce.

And you and your spouse must have been living separate and apart for one year. File the divorce complaint and civil summons with the Clerk of Court. You will likely need at least 3 or 4 copies of these forms. If you serve your spouse by mail be sure to keep both the white mailing card and the green signature card. Each divorce is different, so the required papers may not be the same as those filled out by another couple. There are some forms that are filled out in all divorces, though.

It is best to contact your local county court to verify that you are filling out all of the correct documents for your circumstance. Make sure to avoid signing any statements or affidavits until you can do so in front of a notary public.

What forms do I need to file a divorce in North Carolina?

Many courts offer a notary service when you take your papers to file but not all do. The North Carolina Court System website contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help you better understand the divorce process in the state. You want to be as well-informed as you can be as you move forward. Educating yourself will help you look out for your best interests, especially if you are going to represent yourself in the court system. If you start to feel confused or overwhelmed when reading through all of these documents and trying to decide which divorce forms apply to you, understand that this is normal.

Unless you have legal training, chances are you have not dealt with documents like this before. For many people, getting their North Carolina divorce papers online from CompleteCase.

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Our service will identify the divorce papers required for your specific needs and will help you make sure that they are filled out correctly. This can help prevent delays or unnecessary costs to your divorce, and provide you with some much-needed peace of mind. After you have completed the divorce papers required in North Carolina, you will take them your local county clerk. You should make at least two copies of the documents before you file, one for your records and one to serve to your spouse.

It is also a good idea to contact the county clerk before you file to verify that you bring everything you need to complete the filing, including a form of payment accepted by the court for the state filing fee. Once the filing fee is considered paid, the clerk will stamp your divorce papers and file them with the court. The court requires you to serve copies of the divorce papers with your spouse. The serving process is an important part of the court requirement as it allows your spouse to respond to the divorce and present his or her side before the divorce is finalized.

North Carolina does not allow you or anyone you know to serve the papers.