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Helps you to produce a report from virtually any data source. Allows you to analyze and interpret important information.

chnage background color of text Object in Crystal Reports using c#

Data connection procedures are straight forward. Helps you to access the trusted data Allows you to navigate to the lowest level of data granularity Helps you to create a customized reporting view you need for your business. Crystal Decisions software was acquired in December by BusinessObjects. In the year , version 11 released. You can include different elements like charts, test, data objects in the reports. Rules: Rules option displays a rule above the report canvas.

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However, the tool allows you to change the unit of measurement by changing the unit option on the design canvas tab. Structure mode: Structure mode and Page mode helps you to define the layout of the reports. Each object in the structure mode is represented by a frame.

How to pass a text to crystal report from the code

Important components of structure mode are given below: Structure mode Components Component Name Details Report Header It is used for adding Report title at the top or any other information you want to add at the starting of the report. Page Header Page header is used to present information at the top of each page. Header section generally includes document heading, chapter name, etc.

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Page Footer Use to present page numbers or any other information at the end of each page. Fading background color The following example was lifted from tek-tips. April 3, with 0 Comments. We're just a bunch of dudes and ladies who amassed a hoard of Crystal Reports technical know-how, From Crystal Reports design, to Business Objects Enterprise administration, we're ready to share what we've got in one easy site.

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So if you're tired of searching forum after forum and never finding the right answer, look no further than right here. Each record is either a P DTL.

And then I need a separate field to calculate the days between those 2 dates. And now when you run the report you will see alternate colors crystal report detail background color.

Text object background color

Change color of text object using formula in Crystal Reports. These are the numbers that you will see when you create a custom color.

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Sep 29, Hello I want to apply background colour to crystal report for all section or particular section, so is it possible? Background Color.

You can set this color by conditionally too. Dec 19, while creating the running total field in the evalute option select the use a formula write the below formula.